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Rail Budget

Home - Indian Economy - Rail Budget

The annual Railway Budget, 2008 is often considered to be a politically sound take on his part to be in the power. A number of proportions have been put forward for casting the Indian Railways on a higher plane along with making the journey of each and every one a comfortable one. These are :

Fares : There will be a reduction in the fares of AC-I, AC-II and AC-III along with that of sleeper class and second class.

Ticketing Procedure :
With the new railway budget, one needs not spend his valuable time standing in the queue for reservation. A number of vital measures have been adopted that would make the entire ticketing procedure a hassle-free one. Some of these include :

  1. Commendable increase in the number of UTS counters and ATVMs
  2. IT enabled ticket counters
  3. Confirmation of tickets over phone
  4. Increase in e-ticket booking
  5. Reservation made possible from any part of the country to a particular place
  6. Increase in Auto-ticket sale machines

Concessions and discounts :
  1. Special student concessions have been introduced such as concessions on train journeys for school boys of 12th standard to their home towns.
  2. Women senior citizens to avail 50% discount
  3. Ashok Chakra winners to avail free journeys in special trains like Rajdhani Express and Shatabdi Express.
  4. Girl students to avail free season tickets till the completion of graduation
  5. Special concessions for decorated soldiers.

New Lines :
  1. Ten new railway paths for Bihar to be introduced that would be adjoining the major railway stations such as Bodhgaya, Daltonganj, Aara, Bihariganj, Darbhanga and Muzaffarpur.
  2. Opening of 10 new Garib Raths.
  3. Increase in the frequency of the trains.
  4. Special train between Delhi and Pune to be introduced for Commonwealth.

Infrastructural Changes :
  1. Discharge-free green toilets to be introduced according to the XI Plan Period.
  2. Inquiries to be made easier through call centers.
  3. Display of the name of the next station in long distance trains
  4. Improvement of the anti-collision system so as to prevent rail accidents
  5. Security : Close circuit cameras to be set up in the major railway station, Luggage will be thoroughly checked with the help of effective metal detector. Signaling system will be introduced for the improvement of line capacity. Escalators, high-level platforms, television and internet will be introduced.
  6. SMARTCARD possession will be the key to your ticket reservation in the railways.
  7. N Railway hospital that is located in Delhi will be turned to air-conditioned.
Railway Developments :
  1. Rs. 75,000 crore have been allocated for the augmentation of freight corridors, bye passes, automatic signaling works, flyovers, etc.
  2. Promotion of door-to-door logistics
  3. Rs. 6.5 billion to be spent on metro transport system.
  4. More passenger trains to be introduced
  5. Extension of Jansadharan Seva to every zone.
  6. New coaches of Rajdhani Express and Shatabdi Express to be introduced shortly.
  7. New Wagon designs to be introduced by foreign companies
  8. Proposal to develop public-private partnership so that the loss that the railways suffer every year can be compensated. Owing to the authority of Private sectors over the working of the entire system along with the maintenance of frequency of trains, the trains need not be repaired in frequent intervals.
Plans for internal operating system :
  1. Vacant posts for sub inspectors, constables, etc. will be filled
  2. Women will be given 5% reservation
  3. Urdu will also a medium of examination for the posts of group D.
  4. Promotion of coolies to gangmen.