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Shree Metallic & Associates Sikandrabad, Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh

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Maltose Syrup, Liquid Glucose, Maltodextrin Powder

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SUDHAKAR VIRA - 8th Oct, 2019

"Maltodextrin Powder"

4.5 / 5

Durable Products in Market

DILIP MANDOT - 7th Oct, 2019

"Maltose Syrup"

4 / 5

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About Shree Metallic & Associates

Company profile introduction:- shree metallic and associates always focses on researching and developing high quality fabrication. The fabricated products are developed by rice based liquid glucose , high maltose syrup, maltodextrine powder , and brown rice syrup. General process description:- broken rice (nakku) is unloaded to rice tank with water adding ,it is sent to steeping tanks for softening , dipped rice is pumped to the dissolving tank where enzymes and chemical are added and ph is adjusted to 6 to 6.5. This dissolved material ,liquefied by the jet cooker with temp. Of 105 -110 deg cel. Then the material is sent to flash for cooling then to the neutralization tank for suitable ph value. The mixed syrup to the filter press for removing the protein residues, fiber etc. This dreg can be washed via process water to recover glucose. Then it is sent to ring dryer for gluton powder (animal feed). Temp. And ph value of liquefied material are adjusted and it is sent to saccharification tanks for reaction. After being kept in holding tube the required de value of the glucose will be reached. Glucose is cleaned by removing the protein and other foreign items in tanks and filter presses active carbon is needed for decoloring at proper temperature. Ion exchange foreign and bad odder is removed via ion exchange . This equipment is used for high quality products. Liquid glucose:- it is the purified concentrated aqueous solution of nutritive saccharides obtained from the partial hydrolysis of edible starch. The degree of hydrolysis of the cleavage of starch molecule is measured by dextrose equivalent. It consist chiefly of dextrose, dextrins, maltose and water. Specific quantity of liquid glucose can be manufactured as per customer’s requirement. Liquid glucose is universally used for the production of confectionery products, creams jams, jellies preserves, bakery products caramel and toffee, yeast, ice milk, meat industry. Processing leather in the chrome process because of its reducing action helping precipitation into the body of the leather. Liquid glucose of low so2 content has a application in pharmaceutical industry for the production of liquid formulation . In addition to this it can be used in many industrial products like adhesives , chemical ,dyes, ink, paper, textile and tobacco. Maltose syrup:- it is also called as malt sugar is made from rice by fermentation saccharification . It is used as ingredient of food , seasoning sauce and is also used in pharmaceutical industries because of its medical values. Specification:- appearance:- liquid. Colour:- light yellow. Odor:- odorless , sweet tast with flavour of malt. Ds:- 84% de:- 42%/min. Ash:- 0.4%max. Ph:- 4.6 to 6.0.
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Shree Metallic & Associates