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ASM Global INC Gondia, Maharashtra

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Mosout Citronella Incense Sticks, Basmati rice, 5 PCT Broken Swarna Short Grain White Rice, 100 Pct Broken Long Grain Parboiled Rice, IR 36 5% Broken Long Grain Parboiled Rice, IR 36 5% Long Grain White Rice, 100 Pct Broken Long Grain White Rice, Agro Products more..

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Mr. Dallius Ju - 10th Oct, 2019

"IR 36 5% Long Grain White Rice"

4 / 5

Nice products

Prashant Aken - 30th Sep, 2019

"100 Pct Broken Long Grain Parboiled Rice"

3.5 / 5

Dealings world class products

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3.8 / 5

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About ASM Global INC

Welcome to ASM GLOBAL INC... And we are since 1952.
We specialize in the supply of Rice and deliver products all around the globe by providing the highest in personal customer care and cost appropriate products. Our management has years of experience in export business and can provide complete product sourcing, distribution and delivery to our customers worldwide.
Health goes hand in hand with our diet. Here we are taking you to glorious pathway to health.
We introduce you to the elixir (Magical taste) nature has gifted us...Rice!
Each rice grain contains high concentrations of essential oils that, when boiled, release a pleasing smell that also usually translates into a complex flavor. No extra effort is required to get the rice to smell and taste this way... just boiling it in plain water is usually all that it takes. Another distinguishing characteristic is the rice's texture and shape. The grains are long and thin, typically measuring between 0.25 and 0.5 inches (about 0.6 to 1.3 cm) when fully cooked. They do not usually stick together very much and hold their shape quite well.
The rice is usually prepared as a sort of base for many different types of foods. Curries and fragrant sauces are usually served over it. Placing meat or vegetable cutlets on a bed of rice is also common.
Rice and types of rice used in taste & cooking, is also popular throughout the world.
Team ‘ASM GLOBAL INC’…to offer you elixir of health!
The quality we offer is the consequence of our teamwork.
With young, dynamic & ready to develop team at ‘ASM GLOBAL INC’ promises you the healthy products. We are a highly skilled & trained team of personnel. With goals to serve best & to adapt with the latest technology in the field, we are ready to touch milestones in the field. One can always rely on ‘ASM GLOBAL INC’ team for the best.
Being the admirer of sound health, Team ‘ASM GLOBAL INC’ has always provided our prestigious customers a best. With the expert opinion & abundant knowledge of our team, ‘ASM GLOBAL INC’ is walking the journey to excellence.
Quality Policy
Quality is not a thing that is built overnight. 'ASM GLOBAL INC' has come a long way in a quest for quality. At 'ASM GLOBAL INC', quality is not by chance but by habit. Quality is the touchstone that forms the reputation of this brand. We are bound to follow quality regulations to give our best.
Here is why we strive for quality:
1. Processing & supplying premium quality rice under most hygienic conditions for our customers around the worlds.
2. Retaining the nutritional values in the rice.
3. To perform better by developing our human resources.
4. To use the best technology available & team of professional to meet customer requirements.
5. Maintaining the world class quality standards in every area of operation.
6. To ensure the healthy atmosphere at the plants.
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