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Growtech Agri Science Private Limited Rau, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

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Rishi Kapoor - 30th Sep, 2019

"NUTRI GROW Potassium Schoenite Water Soluble Fertilizer"

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About Growtech Agri Science Private Limited

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the central india's best company in field of microbial product. We have central india's biggest laboratory for r&d on the microbial product. It was established in the year 2007. Recently we are working in the field of research and development and commercialization of biological/microbial products
our r&d work is run by india's renowned research scientist dr. Bharat bhooshan sharma, g.b.p.u.a. & t., pantnagar, and i.a.r.i., pusa, new-delhi
we have a ultra modern manufacturing unit in 2.5 lac square feet area has all the latest manufacturing equipments that enable us to process our products range with the cutting edge technology.
We have state of art facility for manufacturing of:
* bio fertilizers (rhizobium , acetobacter, azospirillum, phosphorous solubilising bacteria, zinc solubilising bacteria, sulphur solubilising bacteria, potash solubilising bacteria , mycorrhzia, plant growth promoting bacteria, plant root promoting bacteria).
* bio pesticides (tricoderma , pseudomonas , beauveria verticillium, metarhizium anisopliae , verticillium lecanii, verticillium chlamydosporium , bacillus thuringiensis npv)
* botanical pesticides (thrips & mites, heliothis and other caterpillar, sucking pest)
* natural antiviral (liquid for viral diseases & powder for viral diseases+ growth promoter)
* bio fungicide ( for control all fungal diseases)
* plant growth promoters (combination of powder- powder and liquid -powder)
* plant growth regulators (plant health supplement)
* bio stimulants
* humic acids (powder-98% & liquid-15%)
* amino acids (amino acid liquid 40%)
* seaweed extracts (seaweed liquid-48%)
* bentonite granules ( zyme granule)
* amino chelation micronutrients (powder and liquid)
* micro nutrients (edta zn-12%,edta fe-12%,boron-20%,mix micronutrients powder & liquid as per state grade)
we manufacture these products using top grade raw materials and quality control laboratory.
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Growtech Agri Science Private Limited

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