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Jaycee Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Shivane, Pune, Maharashtra

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Radar Level Transmitters For Solid, Flameproof Radar Level Transmitter, Radar Level Transmitter For Liquid, 2 Wire Radar Level Transmitter, Non-Flameproof Radar Level Transmitter, Hydrostatic Level Transmitter, Flame Prrof Ultrasonic Level Meter, ULM - 70 Ultrasonic Level Meter, ULM - 53 Ultrasonic Level Meter, Guided Wave Radar Level Meter more..

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Z.A.SAYYED - 20th Oct, 2019

"Flameproof Radar Level Transmitter"

4 / 5

Excellent Products

Abdul Khalique Khan - 19th Sep, 2019

"Non-Flameproof Radar Level Transmitter"

3.5 / 5

Quality Products

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About Jaycee Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Established in the year 2000 and promoted by a group with extensive experience in offering effective solutions to the need of process measurement and control, we manufacture and market various types of level sensors and flow meters for industrial processes. By specializing and actively developing the market for these products, the company has established itself as one of the leading suppliers of level instruments in the Indian market. The range of instruments manufactured and sold are : • RF Admittance Point Level Switch • Vibrating Fork Point Level Switch (For solids and Liquids) • Rotating Paddle Level Switch • Conductivity Level Switch • Chute Block Level Detector Switch • Boot Level Switch • Fuel Level Sensor/transmitter • Capacitance Level Transmitter • Electromagnetic Flow Meter • 2-Wire Ultrasonic Level Transmitter • (3-4 Wire) Ultrasonic Level Transmitter • Self Adjusting 'Smart' Radar Level Measurement Sensors (For Liquid Material) • Self Adjusting 'Smart' 26 GHz Radar for Solid Materials • On Line Moisture Measurement for Bulk Material • Nucleonic Density Measuring Instrument We manufacture and supply instruments for use in cement, power, steel, mining, chemicals and petrochemicals, soap and detergents, fertilizers, paper, food Industry, Packaging Plants, ETP and Water Treatment and Water Engineering Plants and many other industries. These are being used by leading industries and in many countries.
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Jaycee Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

  • Abnue K Jalali
  • Shed No.7, Nanekar Industries Building Survey No. 79/2, Dangat Industrial Estate Shivane , Pune -411 023., Maharashtra