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Tradeline Corporation Beltola, Guwahati, Assam

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Hdpe Vermi Bed, Stanomyte Bio Pesticides, Green Miracle Bio Pesticides, Nimbecidine Bio Pesticides, PESTICIDES BIO-CURE-F, Biscayane axe, Foot Sprayer, Carnation Flower Seeds, Rose Flower Seeds, Dahlia Flower Seeds more..

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M M Kulkarni - 12th Oct, 2019

"Knapsack Power Sprayer Duster"

4 / 5

Quality Products

pradeep goel - 18th Sep, 2019

"Hdpe Vermi Bed"

3.5 / 5

There Products are Excellent Quality

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About Tradeline Corporation

Tradeline corporation, has started its business operation in the line of agriculture inputs in the year 2005 by the promoter of this organization mr. Amarjyoti sahu by open its registered office in the heart of the north east city at guwahati in the state of assam. Initially, we have started our business with agri-input only i.e. Dealing with an imported natural plant extract ( certified organic micro nutrient) and subsequently we have been bringing a wide range of agriculture/horticulture solution products for the convenience of our clients to get sufficient range of products in one roof.
Now, our organization is an ISO-9001-2015 Registered organization and recognized as a manufacturer of Green Houses, Drip & Sprinkler irrigation system, bio-organic fertilizers/manures, bio-organic pesticides, natural plant extracts, importer of specialty fertilizers & agricultural tools & equipment, scientific equipment such as automatic weather station cum disease forecast equipment, electronic balances, ph meters, soil test & water test equipment, and distributor of branded certified bio-organic fertilizers / bio-pesticides, micronutrients products, hybrid vegetable Seeds, uv protective hdpe vermi-bed for vermi-culture, natural water harvest & storage system , post harvest materials handling & storage products, uv films (poly sheets), agro shade net, mulch films, fencing materials for garden care, power tiller, pump set, rice transplanter, animal feed supplements, manufacture by some most reputed iso-9001-2008 certified indian manufacturing companies.
The main moto of our organization is promoting , emphasizing and providing the organic inputs for the organic agriculture practice for all agriculture and horticultural crops and increase production of agro products by using the advance technological farm tools & implements . We advocate and propagate to produce the organic foods –grains / fruits by the farmers by apply of bio- organic manures , bio-organic fertilizers and bio-organic pesticides and to co-operate the govt. Agriculture and horticulture departments to help the farmers by providing the required organic manures/bio-organic fertilizers and bio-organic pesticides under various government sponsored schemes. The things may not happen in short time but by moving forward from today to produce organic food-grains/fruits by the organic agricultural practice, we can get success to our mission in coming days. There is a need of use the advanced mechanism & modern tools & implements / machinery & equipment to sustain the productivity and to increase the production. This is our small endeavor to insist the farming community for produce organic & hygienic food-grains / fruits in mass scales to make available in the market at affordable price which will be nothing but a care for the human & animal health.
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Tradeline Corporation