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    2,000 - 2,500 Per Box

    1 Set (MOQ)


    Material : METAL,METAL BODY

    Color : White

    Condition : New

    Automatic Grade : Manual

    Power : 2 Watts

    Application : Controls Water Level


    Voltage : 220V, 220V Ac

    Display Type : Digital

    Type : Water Level Indicator

    Warranty : 1year, 1 Year Against Any Manufacturing Defects. No Warranty For Wire Or Mishandled System.

    Country of Origin : India

  • auto gauging system

    auto gauging system

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    Country of Origin : India

    Type : Auto Gauging System

    Color : Unimet Brand Colors

    Voltage : 220V

    Condition : New

    Brand Name : Unimet Gauges

    Material : Steel

    Unimet Auto Gauging systems are used to measure the critical parameters of a given component using automation such as a gantry loader.  Today, we present our Auto Gauging System for Oil Pump Shaft. The component Loading & Unloading is done automatically - From the Feeder   We at UNIMET Gauges Pvt Ltd bring expertise in Auto Gauging covering multiple aspects such as Automated gauging for shafts, gears, and diff cases at various levels,  We provide Automated gauging for all the components with numerous static and dynamic parameters.  Examples of such Dynamic/ static Parameters are but are not limited to  §  Outer diameters at multiple levels §  Tapers at outer diameters §  Runout for outer diameter §  Parallelism w.r.t given reference   §  Distances at given places §  ODs at multiple places   The Automated gauging system has the following benefits – ▪        Effort saving ▪        No need for specialized d skills for operators ▪        Elimination of Human Error ▪        No missing the parameters ▪        Availability of data for SPC   Here is the link for a short video on Auto gauging  https://youtu.be/bGSE6T_tCZE     #unimetgauges #multigauging #autogauging #metrology #manualgauging #grt #gauging

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  • B6-KLINGER Reflex Gauge Glass

    B6-KLINGER Reflex Gauge Glass

    1,000 Per Piece

    2 Piece (MOQ)

    Brand Name : Klinger

    Material : Toughned Borosilicate

    Shape : Oval-Oblong

    Color : Transparent

    Type : Gauge Glass

    Thickness : 17mm

    Weight : 100-200gm

    Country of Origin : India

    Temperature : 200-400 Deg C

    Tyep : REFLEX

    Size : B6-250 x 34 x 17mm

    Accessories : Gaskets and Mica Shields

    Qty : 500 nos in STOCK

  • Tubular Level Indicator

    Tubular Level Indicator

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    1 Piece (MOQ)

    Model No : TTLG-130

    Indicating Tube : Borosilicate 19mm, Acrylic Tube 18mm

    Material of Construction : MS, SS304, SS316, PP

    Wetter Parts : MS, SS304, SS316, PP

    Available Range : 100mm to 1500 mm

    Max Pressure : 10 Kg/Sqcm

    Max Temperature : 180 Deg C

    Connection : Screwed / Flange / other as per requirement

    Simple & cost-effective for visual indication of clean liquid levels at low pressure & temperature conditions. The gauge is mounted parallel to tank so as to form a close loop causing tank liquid to seek its level in the gauge. Guards are provided in the form of tie-rods / C-channels around the gauge to protect it from accidental blows. End blocks have build isolating valve, drain valve & vent plug.Key Features EASY MOUNTING: Flange and screwed mounted parallel along the side of the tank multiple mounting/ Orientation alternative on request. SIMPLE OPERATION: When the liquid level rise in the tank, the liquid also rise inside the glass tube carrying a graduated Scale. The liquid level in the tank can be conveniently read against the scale. IN-BUILT RUGGEDNESS: Box type guard made of steel channels (Poly propylene for corrosive applications) Enhances safety in operation and long usability. CLEAR FULL VISIBILITY: High quality Borosilicate glass tube. ApplicationMedium Storage & Process Tanks, Hydraulic / Filtration/ Chemical Dosing Systems, Water Treatment and Boiler Drum Level / Ships / Bulk Carriers

  • Knob Type Oil Level Indicator

    Knob Type Oil Level Indicator

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    500 Piece (MOQ)

    Country of Origin : India

    Type : Knob Type

    Material : Metal

    Color : Silver

    Feature : Easy To Fit, Rust Proof

    Guage Shape : Round

  • Oil Level Indicator

    Oil Level Indicator

    220 Per Piece

    5 Piece(s) (MOQ)

    Application : Testing Oil Level

    Certification : ISI Certified

    Display Type : Analog

    Measuring Range : 100-200mm

    Gauge Diameter : 20-40mm

    Guage Size : 4inch, 6inch, 8inch

  • Magnetic Gauge

    Magnetic Gauge

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    Magnetic Gauge : Magnetic Level Gauge

    Level Gauge : Magnetic Oil Level Gauge

    Magnetic Level Indicators : Liquid Level Gauges

    Magnetic Stand : Dial Gauge Stand

    Oil Level Gauge : Precision Gauges

    Durability : Long Life

    Surface Finishing : Polished

    Resistivity : Rust Resistant

    Material : Metal

    Application : Industrial

    Drive Type : Electric

  • level Guru Multi Level Indicator

    level Guru Multi Level Indicator

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    Condition : New

    Automatic Grade : Automatic

    Guage Shape : Square

    Application : Testing Water Level

    Display Type : Analog, Digital

    Guage Size : 4inch

    Type : Liquid Level Indicator

    Country of Origin : India

    At Avntek we always strive to present most innovative products and to make life resources more competent and to its optimized used. In the same line Level Guru a smarter product to monitor multi level tank indicator to makea complex task most easy with most economical solution Produt Featues Water level indication shows 5 different level like 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% and HH(overflow) This depends upon where customer set water probe 5 bright LED indications for 5 levels. Red light indicate : 25% (Low level) & HH(overow)When ever level goes below 25% or above 100% means over ow, hooter start(audio visual alarm) to indicate empty or overow tank conditions. This error condition has be acknowledged by pressing silent button for 2 seconds to make the alarm off. Green light indicate : 50% , 75%, 100% level Optional: Modbus RTU communication is available for BMS connectivity* Product can be support all type of sensors as level probe, mini oat & oat   Power Supply Single Phase 230 V- AC 50Hz Power ON Red LED indication on front side Connection is as per the wiring chart. (Use 6 core 1.5 Sq. mm cable or 3 core 2 cable of competent brand for sensing levels) Installation Guide For installation customer has to open the box from front side and can mount on the desire place on wall with mounting indication hole. After mounting on wall connect cables and wiring as per wiring instruction As all the connection done check for correct positioning Red light will indicate 25% (Low level) & HH(overow) and Green light indicate 50% , 75%, 100% level  

  • Reflex Level Gauge

    Reflex Level Gauge

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    5 Piece (MOQ)

    Material : Metal

    Pressure : 0-50 Bar

    Application : Industrial Use

    Type : Reflex Indicator

    Country of Origin : India

    Visibility : Partial

    Brand Name : Esha

    Brand Name : Esha

    CONSTRUCTION All wetted parts 5.5. 316, 304,M.S. Corbon Steel Heovy Duty Glass Transparent or Reflex Boll Check Holder Drain Arrangement High Temperoture ond pressure   Ball Check Holders : Design for glass breakage automatically shut off the flow of Process fluid to atmosphere.

  • Reflux Level Indicator

    Reflux Level Indicator

    9,000 - 50,000 Per Piece

    5 Piece (MOQ)

    Material : Customize

    Application : To See Liquid Level In Pressure Vessels & Boilers

    Country of Origin : India

    Guage Shape : Rectagular

    Design Temperature: : Upto 450deg. C

    Design Pressure : Up to 60 Kg/cm Depending Upon Material

    CC Distance : Upto 3000 mm

    Connection : Customize

    Product Code : RTI 2200-2IV-1DV

  • Bronze Water Level Gauge

    Bronze Water Level Gauge

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    We have established a state-of-the-art warehouse facility and equipped it with the latest inventory control system. Thus, we can take care of seasonal supply, wholesale supply, and quick supply among others. Ours is a well-established organization that is located in Maharashtra(India) and involved in catering to the customers based within and outside the boundaries.

  • Bronze Gland Packed Water Level Gauge

    Bronze Gland Packed Water Level Gauge

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    20 piece (MOQ)

    Material : Gun Metal

    Shape : Verticale

    Color : Golden

    Application : Industrial

    Size : 2inch

    Certification : AN ISO 9001:2015 AND 14001:2015 CERTIFIED COMPANY

    Feature : Accuracy, Perfect Strength

    Connection : Screwed

    Type : Sleeve Packed Water Level Gauge

    Country of Origin : India

  • Dual Color Magnetic Level Gauges

    Dual Color Magnetic Level Gauges

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    1 Piece(s) (MOQ)

    Brand Name : Pyramid

    Pyramid offer dual color magnetic level gauges from 200 mm center to center distance onwards. The tube and flange M.O.C is SS 304 or SS316.

  • Fuel Level Gauge

    Fuel Level Gauge

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    100 Piece (MOQ)

    Material : Mild Steel

    Certification : ISI Certified

    Application : Industrial

    Color : Silver

    Feature : Easy To Fit, Measure Fast Reading

    Display Type : Analog

    Connection : Bottom Connection

    A device indicate the level of fuel in a fuel tank. This device is mounted vertically and has a horizontal dial for easy reading,

  • Vibration Checking Gauge

    Vibration Checking Gauge

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    1 Piece (MOQ)

    Material : Metal

    Color : Black

    Application : Industrial

    Feature : Accuracy, Easy To Fit, Measure Fast Reading, Perfect Strength, Robust Construction, Rust Proof

    Connection : Bottom Connection

    Type : Vibration Gauge

    Brand Name : Go Robo

    Vibration checking tools are essential in industries where vibration leveis need to be controlled or manitored. These gauges help in assessing the level of vibrations in machinery or structures, ensuring they meet safefy and performance standards.

  • Oil Level Indicator

    Oil Level Indicator

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    10 Piece (MOQ)

    Application : Oil Tank

    Material : Cast Steel

    Centre Distance : 5 inch

    Fluid Type : Oil

    Oil Level Indicator This oil level indicator is used for non pressurized tanks in hydraulic power packs to indicate oil level inside the tank. Features Poly carbonate body. Inbuilt float for clear indication. Good Sealing against leakage. Suitable for petroleum, mineral based oils.

  • magnetic level gauge

    magnetic level gauge

    25,000 Per Piece

    Material : Stainless Steel

    Brand Name : LFIA

    Output : Optional ( 4-20mA)

    Operating Temperature : 50 Deg. C

    Length : 3 Meter

    SS Grade : 304 and 316

    Temperature : 150 Degree C

  • Brass Oil Level Indicator

    Brass Oil Level Indicator

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    Type : Oil Indicators

    Material : Brass

    Feature : Accuracy, Easy To Fit, Perfect Strength

    Automation Grade : Manual

    Application : Level Indicator

    Rust Proof : Yes

    MOQ : As per requirement

  • Liquid Cloudifying

    Liquid Cloudifying

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    Packaging Type : 30 kg Moser Drums

    This is a neutral (tasteless) flavor emulsion that is used to impart visual thickness / opacity /  cloud or milkiness to any beverage. Therefore is also used as a natural white color. Liquid Cloudifying agents are also used as a base by several manufacturers to make flavor emulsions.

  • Feeler gauge for checking axial play of gears

    Feeler gauge for checking axial play of gears

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    'Feeler gauge for checking axial play of gears' has been produced as per OEM, specifications & Indus Services is supplying these 'Feeler gauge for checking axial play of gears' to customer in many markets all over the world. Please write us if you have any question about 'Feeler gauge for checking axial play of gears' . we also make custom types of 'Feeler gauge for checking axial play of gears' as per customer's requirement & specifications. Contact us for.

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