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  • Peristaltic Pump

    Peristaltic Pump

    20,000 Per set

    • Material: Degchun Metal
    • Weight: 10-20kg
    • Color: LIght White
    • Voltage: 110V
    • Power: 100-500W
    • Driven Type: Automatic
    • Pressure: High Pressure, Low Pressure, Medium Pressure
    • Application: Industry Use
    • Voltage: 230
    • Display: Single line 8 Character Liquid crystal Display
    • motor phase: Single Phase AC
    • Speed accuracy: +/- 1%
  • Borewell Submersible Water Pump

    Borewell Submersible Water Pump

    2,500 - 9,000 Per Piece

    • Motor Horse Power: 5 to 20 HP
    • Power Source: AC Powered
    • Motor Phase: Three Phase
    • Maximum Discharge Flow: 100 - 500 LPM
    • Discharge Outlet Size: 100- 175mm
    • Type: Borewell
    • Application: Domestic
    • Maximum Head: 51 to 100 m
    • Material of Construction: Stainless Steel
    • Pump Stage: 6 - 12
    • Motor Speed (RPM): 3600
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  • Oil Free Vacuum Pump

    Oil Free Vacuum Pump

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    1 Piece (MOQ)

    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Finishing: Polished
    • Driven Type: Electric
    • Shape: Rectangular
    • Usage: Laboratory
    • Certification: CE Certified
    • Phase: Single Phase
    • Warranty: 1 Year
    • Country of Origin: India

    We have the specialty in the manufacturing of high vacuum pumps. The material and technology used in such pumps is latest and gives high performance in all types of laboratory use with special high quality motor for hours of service.

  • positive displacement pumps

    positive displacement pumps

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    The company is backed by a quality control wing that includes skilled quality inspectors who strictly check all the products before delivery. Established in Thane(India), we are well-known name offering comprehensive range of products.

  • SN Series Centrifugal Pump

    SN Series Centrifugal Pump

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    1 Piece (MOQ)

    • Head: 100 Mtr.
    • Pressure: Up to 16 Bar
    • Max. Capacity: 400 M3 /hr. Max.
    • Temperature: 200 Deg. C
    • Impeller: Closed / Semi Open
    • Flanges: As per ISO 7005 & ANSI-B-16.5 PN16
  • Horizontal Multistage Pump

    Horizontal Multistage Pump

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    1 Piece (MOQ)

    • Country of Origin: India
    • Type: Multistage
    • Application: Industrial
    • Color: Grey, Blue
    • Voltage: 220V
    • Pressure: High Pressure
    • Warranty: 1 Year
  • High Pressure Pump

    High Pressure Pump

    19,500 Per Piece

    500 Piece (MOQ)

    • Brand Name: Alt-D-Ron
    • Country of Origin: India
    • Pressure: 200 Bar
    • Pump Type: 3 Piston Pump
    • Motor Horsepower: 3hp
    • Discharge Pressure: 500 Psi
    • Model Name/Number: ALT-1812
    • Head: Single
  • Pneumatic Operated Torque Wrench Pump

    Pneumatic Operated Torque Wrench Pump

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    • Material: Metal
    • Thickness: 1.5-2mm, 2.5-3mm, 3.5-4mm
    • Length: 10inch, 12inch, 14inch
    • Application: Constructional Fittings, Domestic Fittings, Industrial Fittings
    • Weight: 10-15kg, 15-20kg, 20-25kg
    • Feature: Easy To Use, Fine Finished, Foldable, High Durability
    • Finishing: Polished
  • Swimming Pool Filter Pump

    Swimming Pool Filter Pump

    25,000 - 75,000 Per Piece

    1 Piece (MOQ)

    • Condition: New
    • Automatic Grade: Semi Automatic
    • Pressure: High Pressure
    • Type: Swimming Pool Filter Pump
    • Warranty: 1year
    • Country of Origin: India
    • Driven: Electric
  • Fumigation Machine

    Fumigation Machine

    22,500 - 35,000 Per Piece

    we provide you fumigation machine with digital timer which has hours counter facility available. also it will come with the ss 316 l gr. nozzle and ss 316l gr. chemical filling tank and generated submicrons particle size we provide you fumigation machine with digital timer which has hours counter facility available. also it will come with the ss 316 l gr. nozzle and ss 316l gr. chemical filling tank and generated submicrons particle size

  • Electric Dewatering Submersible Pump

    Electric Dewatering Submersible Pump

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    1000 Piece (MOQ)

    We secure our products with lightweight, non-toxic, and superior grade packages. The packaging is done using the latest technologies and guarantees full protection to the product. In order to ensure complete satisfaction of the customers, we deliver the orders on the scheduled time.



    900 - 1,000 Per piece

    1 Piece (MOQ)

    • Material: Metal
    • Shape: Round
    • Thickness: 30-40mm
    • Application: Expansion Engine
    • Color: Silver
    • Feature: Corrosion Proof, Excellent Quality, Fine Finishing, High Strength, Perfect Shape, Precise Dimensions, Temperature Resistance
    • Condition: New
    • Finishing: Polished
    • Pressure: High
    • Country of Origin: India
    • Size: 36OD
  • THO Series Centrifugal Mono Block Pump

    THO Series Centrifugal Mono Block Pump

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    • Head: 6 to 85 mtrs
    • Range: 1/2HP - 3HP
    • Single Phase: 0.5 to 3HP
    • Three Phase: 1 to 30HP
    • No. of Stages: 1
    • Discharge: 100 to 2100 lpm
  • single pump booster

    single pump booster

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    • Type: Booster Pump
    • Application: Industrial
    • Weight: 10-20kg, 20-300kg, 30-40kg, 40-50kg
    • Voltage: 110V, 220V, 380V, 440V
    • Condition: New, Used
    • Power: 10hp, 1hp, 2hp, 3hp, 5hp, 7hp
    • Driven Type: Electric, Hydraulic
    • Pressure: High Pressure, Low Pressure, Medium Pressure
    • Warranty: 1year, 2years
  • Centrifugal Monoblock Pumps

    Centrifugal Monoblock Pumps

    4,500 - 44,000 Per Number

    1 Piece (MOQ)

    • Country of Origin: India
    • Type: Monoblock Centrifugal Pump
    • Certification: ISO 9001:2008
    • Application: Water Supply
    • Weight: 10-15kg
    • Voltage: 160 - 240 V
    • Theory: Centrifugal Pump
    • Automatic Grade: Manual
    • Power: 2Kw
    • Driven Type: Electric
    • Pressure: 1-5Bar
    • Warranty: 15 Months
    • Pump RPM: 1400
    • Brand Name: Sprudel
    • Fuel: Electricity
    • Structure: Graphite String
    • Warranty: 15 Months
    • Country of Origin: India
    • Brand: Sprudel Industries
    • Color: Blue
    • Motor Body: FG 200 Grade CAst Iron
    • Motor & Pump Shaft: EN8
    • Stamping: CRNGO
    • Winding Wire: EC Grade Copper
    • Journel Bearing, Bracket, Casing and End Cover: FG 200 Grade Cast Iron
    • Impeller: FG 200 Grade Cast Iron
  • Boiler Feed Water Pump Assembly

    Boiler Feed Water Pump Assembly

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    We are functioning as Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Boiler Feed Water Pump Assembly for more than a decade. We offer different designs of Boiler Feed Water Pump Assembly ranging from Single Piston (1/2 HP) to Three Piston (2 HP) & Multi Stage Pump etc. For better efficiency of Boiler Feed Water Pump Assembly, the specific pump impeller/diffuser for every single application is chosen very carefully. This enables our Boiler Feed Water Pump Assembly to be excellent in terms of economic coherence, functioning and service life.Features : Economic efficiency Hassle-free functioning Long life Reasonable price Availability : Single Piston (1/2 HP) Three Piston (2 HP) Multi Stage Pump

  • grease filling machine

    grease filling machine

    60,000 Per Piece

    Stationed in Thane(India), our organization is one of the prime most providers in the industry today. With the assistance of our safe and automatic warehousing system, we are able to store the entire lot of products in a secured manner. The entire lot is cross checked at regular basis for ensuring complete safety of the products. Features : Precision made User-friendly High productivity

  • vertical centrifugal pumps

    vertical centrifugal pumps

    25,000 Per Piece

    1 Piece (MOQ)

    • Brand Name: Airtech
    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Driven Type: Electric
    • Condition: New
    • Power: 1-3kw
    • Power Source: Electric
    • Pressure: Medium Pressure
    • Operating Type: Manual
    • Motor Horse Power: 2-5 HP
    • Usage: Water, Liquid Transfer
    • Type Of End Use: Industrial
    • Voltage: 440V
    • Packaging Type: Wooden Box
    • Specialities: Easy To Use, Less Maintenance
    • Pump Size: 25X25mm
    • Type: Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps
    • Warranty: 1 Year
    • Cooling Method: Water Cooled
    • Country of Origin: India
    • Head: 15-20 M
    • Corrosion Resistance: Yes
    • Motor Phase: Three Phase
  • Diaphragm Pumps

    Diaphragm Pumps

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    The air valve directs pressurized air to the back side of diaphragm 1. The compressed air is applied directly to the liquid column separately by elastometric diaphragms. The diaphragm acts as a separation membrane between the compressed air and the liquid. Driving the diaphragm with air instead of the shaft balances the load and removes mechanical stress from the diaphragm, dramatically extending diaphragm life. The compressed air moves the diaphragm away from the center block of the pump. The opposite diaphragm is pulled in by the shaft connected to the pressurized diaphragm. Diaphragm 2 is now on its air exhaust stroke; air behind the diaphragm has been forced out to atmosphere through the exhaust port of the pump. The movement of diaphragm 2 toward the center block of the pump creates a vacuum within chamber 2. Atmospheric pressure forces fluid into the inlet manifold forcing the inlet valve ball off its seat. Liquid is free to move past the inlet valve ball and fill the liquid chamber. Air-operated double diaphragm pumps can move anything from fine chemicals (gentle, non-shearing action), to abrasive and viscous slurries (no close-fitting parts, low internal velocities), and almost any other product that can move. A few of the thousands of products now being pumped: Paints & solvents Pigments Resins Construction water & waste Beer & wine Mine tailings Chemicals Oils & lubricants Glues & adhesives Dyes Foods Tanker loadingunloading Marine barges Ceramic slips, slurries & glazes Latex Driller's mud Inks & printing liquors Against filter press Low density powders Handling Barrels, Jerry Cans, Carbouys.

  • High Pressure Oil Injector

    High Pressure Oil Injector

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    We are offering high pressure oil injector. Gm high pressure oil injector pump gm ip - series manufactured by gm group is designed to operate up to 3000 kgcm2 giving adequate pressure for all normal dismounting applications. The pressure required to dismount bearing assemblies is 200 to 500 kgcm2 range; and for torque-transmission joints is 800 to 1800 kgcm2 range. In optional case the pressure required is 2500 to 3000 kgcm2 is required.

  • Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump

    Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump

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    1 Bag(s) (MOQ)

    • Brand Name: SUTECH PUMPS
    • Material: PP
    • Application: LIQUID TRANSFER
    • Power: 4 BAR
    • Pressure: 4 BAR
    • FLOW RATE IN LPM: 25

    max flow rate :      23lpm (6gpm)port size :     inlet: 12.70mm (1/2" bsp)discharge: 12.70mm (1/2" bsp)air inlet: 6.35mm (1/4" bsp)air exhaust: 12.70mm (1/2" bsp)suction lift : dry: 1.45m (4.75') wet: 2.83m (9.28')teflon : dry: 0.05m (1.64') wet: 0.90m (2.95')max particle size (dia) : 2mm (0.078").

  • Hopper Type Pump

    Hopper Type Pump

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    • Type: Hopper Loaders
    • Application: Industrial
    • Warranty: 1Year
    • Rated Load: 1000-1500kg
    • Automation Grade: Automatic
    • Material: Metal

    A famed name, the company is enlisted amidst the well-known Suppliers of Hopper Type Pump. We have trustworthy shipping facilities available to make on time deliveries to the destination.

  • Hydraulic Pump

    Hydraulic Pump

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    Being a client-centric firm, we ensure safe and time-bound deliveries of consignments at the desired place. We have captured the market with the wide array of products; we make available the same from Kalyan(India).   Details : Much lower noise developed than any other pump - only 75 db Integrated oil cooler Visual temperature strips High speed / Flow Highly precise pressure setting valves Microprocessor controlled

  • Knapsack Manual Sprayer

    Knapsack Manual Sprayer

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    We are offering Knapsack sprayer. we are able to put forth quality assured knapsack sprayer (16 ltr capacity). Our professionals manufacture these sprayers by making use of the best grade raw material while keeping in mind the globally laid quality standards. Prior to usage, we check these sprayers so as to ensure their defect-free nature.       other details:       ideal for tea gardens designed for comfortable spraying light weight & sturdily built centrally mounted pump assembly continuous and mist spray both left and right hand use  

  • Oil Free Vacuum Pumps

    Oil Free Vacuum Pumps

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    Oil Free Vacuum Pump  Diaphragm Type We have hired team of professionals who make sure that the material, required for manufacturing products, is of high quality standards and sourced from the trusted places only. We ensure that the packing of the products remain intact and there will be zero damage while handling, warehousing and transit. For this, we make use of high quality packaging material. Salient Features : No Lubrication required Noiseless Performance Absolutely Portable Totally Oil-free construction Practically maintenance free All parts made from special graded Aluminum die cast material for light weight and good strength Diaphragms are made of special 2-Ply Nylon reinforced neophrene rubber Special diaphragms available (TEFLON/VITON etc.) Value made of SS 316 material Built in micro suction filter Extra large bearings for trouble free and smooth running Pumps available with single as well as 3-phase motors Pumps available with flame proof motor Pumps available with 12/24V/48 Volts DC Pumps available with Chemical resistive parts (PP, TEFLON contact parts) (CRP suffixed models) Pumps available with SS 316 contact parts Pumps available in 110 V AC motors Ideally suited for original equipment manufacturers Application for use as Vacuum Pump : Laboratories                     Pollution Control Equipments             Material Handling Equipments             Labeling Machine                 De Soldering Station                 Glass forming                     Medical Instruments                 Dentists                     Chemical analyzers                 Gas Charging in A/c                 Suction machine         Photographic developing machines Application for use as Compressor : Agitation of chemicals in electro-plating Agitation of film in drying tank Wave Soldering machines for forming of flux Cement aeration Oil Free Spray painting Artist Air brush Operating small pneumatic tools Laminating press Nebuliser Plastic Welding

  • Compressor Valve Assembly

    Compressor Valve Assembly

    2,000 Per 4000 Piece

    1 Piece(s) (MOQ)


    Valve & valve plate for air gas compressor for models abc compressor atlas copco crepelle belliss & morcom ariel ajax broomwade gardner denver ingersoll rand dresser rand.

  • Oil Free Diaphragm Type Vacuum Pump

    Oil Free Diaphragm Type Vacuum Pump

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    Oil Free Diaphragm Type Vacuum Pressure Pump these are 100 % oil free, where in not even a single drop of oil is used and are a boon for vacuum & pressure applications, where even slightest environment contamination through oil mist is forbidden. Also available with internal parts PTFE coated 7 complete polypropylene contact part  Features : » No Lubrication required» Practically maintenance-free» Diaphragms are made of special 2-Ply Nylon reinforced neophrene rubber» Special diaphragms available (TEFLON / VITON etc.)» Value made of SS 316 material» Pumps available with single as well as 3-phase motors» Pumps available with flame proof motor» Pumps available in 110 V AC motors Specifications : » Max. Vacuum: 650mmHg» Max. Flow Rate: 20L/min (100V,110V/60Hz), 17L/min (220V/50Hz)» Motor Rotation: 1700 RPM (110V,110V/60Hz), 1450RPM (220V/50Hz)» Horse Power: 1/8 HP» Pole: 4P» Gross Wt: 11.24lbs/5.1kg» Port Thread: 5/16"» Noise Level: ~50dB

  • 10HP solar water pump

    10HP solar water pump

    790,000 Per Piece

    Our payment procedure can be both physical and electronic. Physical modes can be cash payment, bank deposits and others. On the other hand, our electronic modes include instant payment gateway. Only quality packaging material has been used for the packing of the products that we offer. Moreover, the entire packaging procedure is conducted under the supervision of the experts.   Features : Can irrigate 5 to 6 acres of land Grid changes over option available to operate with grid power MPPT controller for maximum water discharge Specifications : 10hp Solar Water Pump Price Range - 7,90,000/-

  • LLR Water Pump

    LLR Water Pump

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    • Type: Autoamtic
    • Voltage: 220 V
    • Pressure: 31 Bar
    • Flow: 295 m3/h
    • Heads: 290 m
    • Temperature: -30 Deg. C
  • RO Water Purifier Filter Pump

    RO Water Purifier Filter Pump

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    This RO Water Purifier Filter Pump is used for providing the needed pressure to filter of the RO System. Also, this RO Water Purifier Filter Pump saves a lot of energy and has strong adaptability to the environment. We are a reliable name to get these RO Water Purifier Filter Pumps at competitive rates.

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